Position Control is a process by which representatives from District Leadership review requests to temporarily or permanently fill positions. Position Control is a measure to track hiring and monitor costs so the District operates at optimal efficiency, and ensure resources align with District strategies that impact the personnel structure of the District and the organizational health.

    Every department has specific budgeted allocations that are determined through the budgeting season based on permanent full- and part- time staff positions. When there is a need to make a transactions to any new, recently vacated, or existing position, information, by the manager and Sponsoring Chief, must be submitted to the Position Control Panel for recommendation of the position with final decision of approval with the Chief Executive Officer. 

    Requests must be submitted to the Position Control Panel via the electronic form (below). Once submitted, you will receive notification via your District email. All requests will be reviewed electronically with members of the Position Control Panel. All information must be submitted to its entirety. Request may be delayed if information is not submitted to its entirety. 

    Please note, before any transaction is submitted, speak with your Talent Management Partner regarding staffing and your Finance Partner regarding any budgetary needs. 

    Position Control Form

    Position Control Form


    All requests and determinations will align with the Districts Compensation Manual and Policy and Procedure Manual.




    Job Description: Writing FAQs Employee Policy and Procedure Manual
    Job Description: Action Verbs Non-Bargaining Compensation Manual
    Job Description Template Principal Compensation Manual
    Additional Compensation Guidelines  


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