• Tess Clarke

    I’ve been the Head of CSA’s Counseling Department since August, 2010.  I was also a Science and Computer Science teacher in CMSD before beginning my career as a School Counselor, and have worked in elementary, middle, and high schools during my career in education.  I graduated from Notre Dame College with a degree in Education and Psychology and completed a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling where I earned National Board Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor certification in the state of Ohio. After completing my Master’s Degree, I earned my Ohio School Counselor license at Cleveland State University.

    I love working at CSA and am grateful every day that I am able to assist our students in navigating through high school and preparing and applying for college.  It brings me happiness to see our students take advantage of the arts and academic opportunities they earn through hard work and determination. My husband and I have lived in Cleveland since 2000, and really enjoy all that Cleveland has to offer.  

    Head of Guidance