• PD&E End-of-year Evaluation

    The PD&E End-of-year Evaluation (EOY) is a time to review goals and progress over the course of the year.  Employees should self-evaluate and managers will also assess employees on their goals and decide upon a final overall rating for the year.

    Final ratings are either Accomplished, Skilled, Developing, or Ineffective.  Each of these ratings describes a level of performance that should be used consistently by managers across CMSD.


    Makes exceptional contributions on both the functional and enterprise levels. Consistently demonstrates a high degree of skill and mastery across all competencies. Exemplar of CMSD culture, aspirational norms, and desired behaviors. Independently demonstrates cross functional leadership.


    Makes significant contributions on the functional level. Consistently accomplishes goals and meets expected outcomes and may sometimes exceed.


    Performance is sometimes below expectations. Key goal(s), deadline(s), or accomplishment(s) may be at risk of not being met.


    Performance is often or consistently below expectations. Key goal(s), deadline(s), or accomplishment(s) missed. Immediate and significant performance improvement is required

    Steps in the Process:

    • Employee self evaluates on goals and requests feedback
    • Manager reviews feedback and evaluates on goals
    • Manager assigns final rating and discusses with employee
    • Employee reviews manager feedback and acknowledges
    • Manager acknowledges