• Student Dress Code 2019 – 2020



    Students are allowed to wear black, blue or khaki pants AND blue, black or khaki jeans. 

    No ripped jeans (no holes, frays, etc.), sweatpants, basketball shorts, or leggings allowed. 



    Option 1: Shirts must be a button-up shirt (any color)

    Option 2: Polo Shirt (any color)

    Option 3: John Marshall High School Spirit T-Shirts



    Sneakers and Boots of your choice are permissible.

    Flip-flops and sports slippers are not allowed.


    Hats and head coverings are not permitted in the building. 

    The only exceptions are for religious purposes. 


    Hoodies and Coats are to be placed in lockers or in a book bag during the course of the school day. Sweaters over collared shirts are acceptable. Open sweaters, such as cardigans, are allowed as well.