family school partnerships


    The benefits of family-school-community partnerships are many:  higher teacher morale, more authentic and meaningful family engagement linked to learning and school improvement goals, and greater student success.


    The links below provide resources, tools, and forms for ESSA Title IA which should be utilized to plan family engagement programs, activities and strengthen family-school partnerships at your school.


    Approved Title IA Vendors provide brochures, pamphlets, workshops, and resources to support family engagement efforts.

    FACE Approved Vendors


    Creative Title IA family engagement action plan templates include math, literacy, attendance, SEL, and other family activities.

    Action Plan Templates


    Samples of surveys to ascertain family interests and satisfaction with your school.

    Sample Family Surveys


    Resources to support the formation of a School Parent Organization or Parent Advisory Committee at your school.  Samples of parent meeting agenda templates and flyers.

    SPO/PAC Parent Meeting Information


    Articles highlighting best practices from around the nation.

    Research and Articles


    Title IA Allowable Expenses

    Title IA Budget Information