• Pants: 

    Students are allowed to wear any color khaki pants and/or jeans. 

    No ripped jeans (no holes, frays, tears. patches, etc.), sweatpants, sweat material joggers, basketball shorts, leggings, or biker shorts allowed.



    Option 1: Button-up shirt (any color)

    Option 2: Polo Shirt (any color)

    Option 3: Crew neck short/long sleeve shirts (any color)

    Option 4: Business casual outfits (Appropraite lengths dresses/skirts, dress slack/shirts)

    Option 3: John Marshall High School Spirit T-Shirts & Sweatshirts 



    Any closed-toe shoe is permissible.

    Flip-flops and sports slippers are not allowed.


    Hats and head coverings are not permitted in the building. This includes any hoodie that is not John Marshall gear

    The only exceptions are for religious purposes.