• Parents and caregivers,

    CMSD continues to send regular updates on the services and supports we are providing during the unprecedented closure of schools, as part of a statewide effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

    In addition to the grab-and-go meals we are providing at 22 school sites each day, CMSD is also distributing learning packets. I want to personally emphasize the value of these academic enrichment materials that are handed out with meals and posted on the CMSD website: ClevelandMetroSchools.org.

    Research shows that children learn best when learning is continuous, which is why CMSD educators are working hard to produce interesting and thought-provoking materials that will keep students engaged and keep their minds active during this long break from school.

    Recognizing that students are used to a consistent school schedule, I strongly encourage you to work with your child to develop a routine at home, to make time and space for quiet reading and active engagement with their learning materials and to praise them for their attention to their studies and personal growth.

    CMSD’s Academic Enrichment Plan, posted on the District website, includes lessons and a recommended daily schedule for students at every grade level, from PreK to 12. Digital lessons can be accessed online and print materials are available for pickup at all meal sites.

    Thank you for the opportunity to emphasize the importance of academic enrichment in our students’ experience during this unprecedented time away from school. And thank you for the important role you play every day in our shared commitment to the safety, growth and future of Cleveland’s children.

    Thank you.

    Eric S Gordon

    Eric S. Gordon


    The Enrichment Materials also can be printed at any Staples - the first 50 pages are free. If you have more than one child you will need to go back another day for each packet. 


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