• Distance Learning Resources

    We are a Microsoft district and substantial time and investment has been made by the district to make the Microsoft suite available to our staff and students.  We recommend using Microsoft Office 365 for your classroom. 
    Microsoft offers TEAMS and OneNote resources which are similar to Google Classroom and Google Docs.  Microsoft also has Learning Tools, Immersive Reader, and Text to Speech resources built-in.  You don't have to worry about finding the right app or Google extensions to add-on. 
    Please consider visiting the Educator Center to learn about what Microsoft has to offer our teachers, and to help them develop an engaging, inspiring distance learning classroom environment effectively.
    Below are web links for Beginner courses for Teams, OneNote, and more.  Consider taking the self-pace 1-hour courses to learn how to get started using the right tools and resources to empower you to create a successful virtual classroom and more.
    Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft One Note
    Microsoft Forms:  Creating Authentic Assessments (Intermediate Course)

    Empower every student with an inclusive classroom
    To help your students get started to the Microsoft Student Help Center

    Balance each class and look for ways to develop your tech skills. 

    Don't forget to use your district Microsoft email address to sign in the Microsoft Educator Center, where you can earn points and recognition badges for completing each course.