• Students will be using Clever to access the apps their teachers will be utilizing, including Schoology, each day. 

    Here are some step-by-step instructions on accessing Clever for students:

    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Go to www.clever.com/in/cmsd
    3. Bookmark this page by clicking on the star in the top right at the end of the search bar.
    4. You will see a login window that says "Cleveland Metro School District" at the top and gives you two options: Login with Clever or Login with Active Directory.  CHOOSE LOGIN WITH ACTIVE DIRECTORY
    5. You will enter the student's email address (firstname.lastname@cmsdk12.org)
    6. You will enter Clever password (can get from the classroom teacher or the school)
    7. If your child is the only child using this computer, you can click ok to stay signed in. If the computer is shared, click no. 
    8. Clever will load and you will be able to see teacher pages, etc.
    9. Scroll down to find the Schoology icon.  Hover on it with your mouse and click on the heart so it will appear at the top of your screen the next time you log in. 
    10. Click into Schoology and Courses will load.


    The video below will also walk you through this process.