• Technology and Internet Resources
    Chromebook Log-on problems:
    • A common problem we are seeing with Chromebooks is that students are using their username instead of their email address when logging in. Please verify that students are logging in with their CMSD email address. When they log in, it will tell them that there is no google email associated with it. They should then be able to log in with their cmsdK12 account (firstname.lastname for most students).
      • If this doesn’t resolve the issue and the student is not new to the district, connecting the device to the ethernet and rebooting the device should correct this issue.
      • If the student is new to the district, email Marlon Yarborough the student’s name and contact information and he will fix it. This will take 48 hours and is a synchronization issue between when credentials were created compared to when the student enrolled.
    Internet Connectivity Supports:
    • Hot Spot Help Desk – 844-341-4834 - Caregivers and Scholars can call 844-341-4834 for troubleshooting hotspots via T-Mobile’s Covid-19 Special Programs end users support line.
    • Support Documents for Hot Spots - We currently have two hotspot models being used in the district.
    • Hot Spot showing “Out of Data” Error – Students and families who have Franklin Hot Spots may be receiving an error message on their hot spot stating that the hot spot is out of data. The district hot spots are on unlimited data plans. We are working with T-Mobile to get this error message off of our devices. In the meantime, students and families can ignore this error message. You can find more information here.
    Internet Safety Guidance for Parents and Students:
    CMSD has created a family friendly Internet Safety Guidance document to assist families with how best to protect their children who now have their own individual devices.

    CMSD Resources for Technology: