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    This year's theme for literacy emphasis month is The Harlem Renaissance.  This was one of  the most influential movements in African American history where African Americans made a huge impact in the arts and music movement. It is imperative that we continue to expose our children to positive depictions of African Americans.  During this month, scholars will be exposed to variety of text from local authors where black children are shown in a positive light. We are committed to providing our scholars with positive experiences and opportunities to develop, equip, and empower our future leaders. We see our scholars as the next president, congressman, teacher, mayor, doctor, principal, lawyer or movie producer. 

    To kick off our Literacy month, we will have a virtual "Paint and Punch" on February 1, at 6:00pm.  Our families and scholars will come together and learn about the foundation of The Harlem Renaissance, listen to music derived from the Harlem Renaissance, all while painting an exquisite piece of art led by our team of artists. 

    Please review the literacy activities that each scholar needs to complete during the month.  Ensure that your child is reading a book each day and recording the book & time on the reading log.  We look forward to your support!

    Schedule Overview:

    Week 1: February 1-February 5: Harlem Renaissance | Music

    Week 2: February 8-12: Harlem Renaissance | Literature

    Week 3: February 15-19: Harlem Renaissance | Poetry

    Week 4: February 22-26: Literacy Spirit Week & Harlem Renaissance | Fashion & Art

    Review activities, incentives, and challenges: