• Public Health Advisory Levels

    As we have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CMSD is committed to ensuring that our operations make the health and safety of our students, staff, and families a top priority.

    As such, we have adhered to public health standards for social distancing, face coverings, frequent hand-washing, and more. We have also relied on public health data – most notably, the state’s public health advisory levels – to inform our operating status.

    While we hope to be moving out of the “red” status soon, our decision to plan for a move to a hybrid model is also based on a downward trend in cases, the availability of vaccines for educators, and emerging evidence on the ability of schools to operate safely with proper precautions.

    State & Federal Requirements

    The CMSD Reopening Plan adheres to Guidelines for School Opening Preparedness issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Ohio Department of Public Health (ODPH), and will follow these steps, depending on four levels of risk to our school community.

    When there is no community transmission: OPHAS Level 1 (Yellow) CMSD is required to:

    • Review, update and implement emergency operations plans (EOPs)
    • Develop information-sharing systems with partners
    • Teach and reinforce healthy hygiene practices
    • Intensify cleaning and disinfecting protocols
    • Monitor and plan for absenteeism
    • Assess group gatherings and events and considering the postponing of non-critical gatherings and events
    • Require sick students and staff to stay home
    • Establish procedures for students and staff who are sick at school
    • Create and test communications plans for use with the school community
    • Review CDC’s guidance for businesses and employers


    When there is minimal to moderate community transmission:

    OPHAS Level 2 (Orange)                                                  OPHAS Level 3 (Red)

    • Coordinate with local health officials
    • Implement multiple social distancing strategies
    • Consider ways to accommodate the needs of children and families at risk for serious illness from COVID-19


    When there is a confirmed case that has entered the school, regardless of community transmission: OPHAS Level 4 (Purple)

    • Coordinate with local health officials
    • Dismiss students and most staff for 2-5 days
    • Communicate with staff, parents and students
    • Clean and disinfect thoroughly
    • Make decisions about extending the dismissal
    • Implement strategies to continue education and related supports for students



    State Guidance for Learning and Teaching

    The Ohio Department of Education requires CMSD to provide direction regarding:

    1. How we will determine and document the instructional needs of our students
    2. How we will ensure equitable access to quality instruction
    3. How student progress will be monitored
    4. What method(s) we will use to determine competency, credit completion and promotion of students to a higher-grade level

    CMSD Goals for Learning and Teaching, whether using remote, hybrid or in-person instructional scenarios

    Guide all decisions around principles of Equity

    CMSD will ensure that all students have access to grade-level content in ways that meet their individual needs, while taking into account their home learning environments (e.g. flexibility in completing asynchronous tasks, the availability of in-person instructional support).

    Ensuring a coherent learning experience

    CMSD students will experience a coherent/authentic in-person, remote and/or hybrid instructional model aligned with the curriculum in use, essential instructional content, and receive quality feedback, aligned with strategies grounded in best practices and learning research.

    Instructional Resources and Strategies

    CMSD will provide teachers and school leaders with research-based instructional strategies that support remote and in-person instruction. We will support teachers in their use of the most effective instructional resources and technological tools by providing a recommended list of resources that support each level.


    CMSD will continue to invest in high-quality curriculum resources that are culturally responsive. Resources selected can easily be adapted to remote learning without sacrificing rigor. The curriculum resource will provide differentiated support to meet the needs of our diverse learners.