• English Learners (EL)

    CMSD is committed to providing all English Learners with the differentiated supports needed to ensure every student receives the services required to become proficient in the English language.

    While a Remote Learning environment limits face-to-face interaction, every English Learner will learn content-specific, academic language across all subjects and will engage in conversation in every subject and language domain: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

    What EL Families Should Know and Expect

    • Multilingual Program Managers staff school clinics to address the differentiated needs of students.
    • Schools are equipped with English as a Second Language (ESL)-certified and bilingual staff to provide academic and language support.
    • A Multilingual Welcome Center is staffed to provide remote assistance to students and families.
    • Enrollment specialists are available to help families register for school.
    • Multilingual Family Coordinators are trained to provide crisis intervention support for families.
    • School staff collaborates with community agencies to ensure EL families have the resources and assistance needed for success.
    • Students and families have access to native language communication at school.
    • Language services are delivered by TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), bilingual certified teachers.


    Call the Multilingual Multicultural Education Office at 216.838.0140 for assistance.