• Safety & Security in CMSD Schools


    CMSD’s Division of Safety and Security is well prepared to ensure a safe and orderly environment for learning when our schools reopen for Hybrid Learning. Our safety teams have worked closely with local health and safety officials to implement practices that align with COVID-19 policies and procedures for the safe operation of our schools. Students, staff and families all play a part in keeping our schools safe for all.

    Students and families should expect the same visual presence of our safety and security officers at the main entrance of our schools during arrival and dismissal of our students, and throughout the school day.


    Ensuring a Safe Arrival and Learning Environment

    Prior to arrival, and throughout the school day, our safety and security staff will:

    • patrol the perimeter of building to identify any suspicious vehicles or objects and check all metal detection equipment daily.
    • require all students and visitors to enter through the main entrance designated for each location.
    • ensure that all students and visitors are socially distanced and following the floor markers and signage to ensure safety.
    • staff security checkpoints to assist and process students that are tardy and to manage any incoming visitors.
    • periodically sanitize all detection equipment and work areas.
    • support educators as needed in directing students to class, monitoring hallways during meal pickup and classroom breaks, assisting at recess and other active areas during the school day.


    Ensuring Safe Dismissal of Students

    Safety & Security Staff is positioned to support school staff with a staggered bell schedule to ensure a safe and orderly dismissal of students at the end of the school day and will work cooperatively with school staff to:

    • ensure face masks and social-distancing requirements are followed as students line up for departure and for boarding buses.
    • clear hallways after each departing class until the building is cleared each day.
    • clear the building grounds in preparation for dismissal of the next class.
    • ensure bus riders wait in the designated area, as assigned by building administrators.
    • enforce bus rules for boarding and exiting buses, as outlined in Transportation safety guidelines.

    When buildings reopen, our Division of Emergency Preparedness Safety & Security team is fully prepared to keep students and staff safe, and to implement routine safety drills to support emergency preparedness. CMSD security officers will:

    • test building fire alarms to ensure they are fully functional and audible.
    • conduct fire evacuation drills, including a drill during the first 10 days of our return to Hybrid Learning.
    • resume monthly fire evacuation drills.
    • conduct all other drills as scheduled, including emergency lockdown/evacuation, tornado, etc.