Technology Use, Distribution and Support

    After the COVID-19 pandemic required the transition to remote instruction last spring, CMSD achieved its goal to ensure every CMSD student has a device and every household has Internet access. As we transition from Remote to a Hybrid Learning model, there are limited situations where a student will need access to a second device during in-person learning. The following guidelines have been established to support the technology needs of students and families during Hybrid Learning.

    Computer Devices


    Students in grades PreK–Kindergarten will be provided access to iPad carts by the Early Childhood Office. These students should not bring their home devices to school.

    Grades 1–12

    Students will be required to bring their previously issued device with them to school for in-person instruction and carry it back-and-forth to school as an essential tool for learning in both Remote and Hybrid instruction.

    • Make sure devices are fully charged prior to each of the student’s scheduled in-person days
    • Schools are prepared for the occasional need to charge student devices or to loan students a device when their device is not working or left at home. These loaner devices are kept at the school for use as needed, and are not available for students to take home.


    Child at computer Computer Device Backpack

    Devices issued to students must be protected at all times. Schools will provide students with backpacks before they return to in-person learning and will communicate to parents once the backpacks are available for distribution.

    Wireless Network Infrastructure

    The wireless network in many schools is being upgraded to improve Wi-Fi coverage and capacity as part of our preparedness for the return to Hybrid learning. Those Wi-Fi upgrades will be completed by March 31, 2021.

    IT Support

    The technology supports we have provided to families will not change when we transition to Hybrid learning. The support processes you have used during remote learning will continue to be available to you when we transition to a Hybrid model.

    Technology Support – 216.838.0440