• March 1st, 2021

    Dear Parents and Caregivers of CMSD Students:


    I am writing to provide you with an important update on the progress we are making in the plan to reopen schools for Phase 1 students beginning on March 8.

    Back-to-school mailers should have arrived in every CMSD home by now, with information on your school and transportation assignment.  If you did not receive an assignment mailer, it’s very important that you call your school regarding your child’s assignment.  Please also ensure your school has your updated contact information to ensure you don’t miss future updates about your child’s education.

    I know there are a number of questions about school schedules and teacher assignments.  At this time, we estimate that half of our students will likely return to hybrid in-person learning while the other half of our students will likely remain in remote learning.  This means we have to schedule our students and staff to meet the needs of both groups of students.  It is our top priority to keep our students with their current teachers, wherever possible, while ensuring that every student, whether in hybrid or remote, continues to receive four days of formal instruction.  However, some adjustments will be necessary to make sure all students are assigned to a licensed teacher for the fourth quarter.  Families should be aware that schools might use teaching teams or need to reassign some of their current teachers to serve all of their students in both environments.  As a last option, if necessary, the District will reassign teachers to different school buildings to ensure all students have a certified teacher.

    As we prepare for the return to school, there are also many questions about student and staff health and safety.  Every CMSD school has a designated care room in the event that any student or staff member shows potential symptoms of COVID-19, and every school’s care room is managed by a full-time school nurse or licensed health professional.  These health professionals will report any COVID-19 related issues to the District’s COVID-19 hotline, a hotline managed by CMSD nurses and the Cleveland Department of Public Health, who will advise as to any contact tracing requirements, family/school notifications of COVID-19 identification, and quarantine requirements, if necessary.

    Finally, there are a number of questions about access to drinking water and about school uniforms.  CMSD will be providing bottled water for all students and staff members.  Students do not need to bring their own bottled water to school.  We will not be requiring school uniforms during hybrid learning, although students are expected to dress in clothing appropriate for school.

    Please continue to visit our Hybrid Learning website at www.clevelandmetroschools.org/hybrid for the latest information.  In addition to the interactive Hybrid Learning Guidebook for Families posted there, we continue to update the website daily.  New on this website today is a self-service link for families who wish to opt out of hybrid learning or who wish to request a change of days for hybrid learning.  We also continue to update the Frequently Asked Questions page.  There, you can also submit your question if it has not already been answered.


    Thank you for the opportunity to update you on CMSD's Reopening Plan.



    Eric Gordon

    Eric S. Gordon

    Chief Executive Officer
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District