Policy File
    Student Policies Goals (9/06/01) JA
    Equal Education Opportunities (10/04/01) JB
    School Attendance Areas (5/16/02) JC/JECC
    Student Attendance (6/27/2017) JE
    Entrance Age (10/04/01) JEB
    School Admission (10/04/01) JEC
    Admission of Homeless Students (3/21/17) JECAA
    Interdistrict Open Enrollment (1/26/2016) JECB
    Admission of Exchange Students (10/04/01) JECBA
    Admission of Students From Non-chartered or Home Schooling (10/04/01) JECBC
    Intra-District Open Enrollment (1/26/2016) JECBD
    Student Withdrawal from School (8/19/14) JECE
    School Attendance Accounting (Missing and Absent Children) (10/04/01) JEE
    Student Advisory Committees (09/25/12) JFB
    Student Uniform Policy (2/10/09) JFCA
    Student Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (1/27/15) JFCF
    Pregnant Students (10/04/01) JFE
    Interrogations and Searches (9/06/01) JFG
    Student Discipline Policy/Student Code of Conduct (8/15) JG
    Physical Examinations of Students (10/04/01) JHCA
    Inoculations of Students (8/19/14) JHCB
    Communicable Disease Control (10/04/01) JHCC
    Administering Medicines to Students (11/18/14) JHCD
    Care for Students with Diabetes (11/18/14) JHCE
    Student Safety (9/06/01) JHF



    Policy File
    Community Relations Goals (9/06/01) KA
    Public Records (9/26/07) KBA
    Community Use of District Facilities (4/28/15) KG
    Cooperative Research Studies (6/15/04) KGD
    Public Gifts to the District (10/04/01) KH
    Public Solicitations in the Schools (10/04/01) KI
    Advertising and Promotions in the Schools (10/04/01) KJ
    Visits to the Schools (10/04/01) KK
    Complaints from the Community (10/04/01) KL
    Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials (9/06/01) KLB
    Public Complaints about District Personnel (9/06/01) KLD
    Relations Between Local Government Agencies and the District (9/06/01) KN