Policy File
    Support Services Goals (9/06/01) EA
    Safety Program (2/01/01) EB
    First Aid/Emergency Medical Authorization (3/20/01) EBBA
    First Aid/Emergency Medical Authorization (3/20/01) EBBA-E
    Bloodborne Pathogens (3/20/01) EBBC
    HIV/AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) (12/06/01) EBBCA
    Emergency Closings (9/06/01) EBCD
    Computer Online Services (Acceptable Use and Internet Safety for Students) (2/20/18) EDE
    Computer Online Services (Acceptable Use and Internet Safety for Staff) (2/20/18) EDE-A EDE-A
    Student Transportation Services (8/11/2020) EEA
    School Bus Safety Programs (3/20/01) EEAC
    Student Conduct on School Buses (10/04/01) EEACC
    Drug Testing for District Personnel Required to Hold a Commercial Driver's License (9/06/01) EEACD
    Special Use of School Buses (4/24/01) EEAD
    Transportation in Private Vehicles (4/24/01) EEAE
    Food Services Management/Free and Reduced Price Food Services (5/16/02) EF/EFB
    Food Sale Standards (9/06/01) EFF
    Comprehensive Wellness Policy (4/23/19) EFG
    Food Allergies (6/24/14) EFH
    Copyright (5/22/01) EGAAA
    Data and Records Retention (5/22/01) EHA
    Risk Management/Insurance (5/22/01) EI



    Policy File
    Facilities Development Goals (9/06/01) FA
    Commmunity Benefits and Inclusion in Facilities Construction Program Policy (5/27/14) FEJ
    Naming District Buildings Policy (5/27/08) FF



    Policy Title Link
    Personnel Policies Goals (6/23/2020) GA
    Equal Opportunity Employment (6/23/2020) GBA
    Code of Ethics (6/23/2020) GBC
    Staff Conflict of Interest and Improper Compensation (6/23/2020) GBCA
    Conflict of Interest in Contracting and Purchasing (6/23/2020) GBCAA
    Staff Conduct (6/23/2020) GBCB
    Whistleblower Protection (6/23/2020) GBCD
    Staff Health and Safety (6/23/2020) GBE
    Employee Participation in Political Activities (6/23/2020) GBG
    Staff Gifts and Solicitations (6/23/2020) GBI
    No Tobacco Use on District Property (6/23/2020) GBK
    Personnel Records (6/23/2020) GBL
    Drug-Free Workplace (6/23/2020) GBP
    Criminal Records Check (6/23/2020) GBQ
    Family and Medical Leave (6/23/2020) GBR
    Professional Staff/Administrators/Support Staff (6/23/2020) GC/GD
    Collective Bargaining Representation (6/23/2020) GCA/GDA
    Professional Staff Supplemental Contracts (6/23/20) GCBB
    Professional Staff/Administrators/Support Staff/NonUnion Leaves and Absences (6/23/20) GCBD/GDBD
    Paid Time Off (6/23/20) GCBE/GDBE
    Professional Staff/Administrators/Support Staff/NonUnion Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies (6/23/20) GCC/GDC/GCCA/GDCA
    Staff Hiring (6/23/20) GCD/GDD
    Professional and Support Staff Assignments and Transfers (6/23/20) GCI/GDI
    Staff Development (6/23/20) GCL/GDL
    Evaluation of Staff (6/23/20) GCN/GDN