• Now, more than ever, CMSD is the Right Choice!

    The Right Choice!

    Thank you for visiting the CEO’s section of the CMSD website.

    I encourage you to browse the site and explore the strategic initiatives that are moving our schools aggressively forward and the growing options available to students.

    Now, more than ever, CMSD is the right choice for families. I invite you to visit our schools, and for those who have left CMSD for other schools, I invite you to rediscover CMSD and all it has to offer:

    High-quality preschool programs, special education services, English-language services, a wide variety of athletic opportunities, visual and performing arts, music, foreign language instruction, extra curricularactivities, increased transportation services, improved safety and security in our buildings, access to higher education support and scholarships, ACT fee waivers, dual college enrollment, increased school choices, new and innovative schools, and many newly constructed or renovated buildings.

    These amenities and the growing portfolio of high-performing CMSD schools are attracting more families to explore, select, return to, and support Cleveland’s public schools. We hope you will be one of them.

    Come Home to CMSD

    With all that is happening in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, now is the time for families whose children have left CMSD for lower-performing schools in our city to explore Cleveland’s higher performing schools and programs, and "Come Home to CMSD." 

    Working together, we are changing the face of education in Cleveland and ensuring a bright future for our children and for our city.