• CMSD State Report Card

    Detailed information about the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and every school district in the state is available on the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  Among other information, there you will find:

    • Breakdowns of the District’s OAT and OGT scores for the past three years
    • Qualifications of the District’s teaching staff
    • Statistics on the students who attend District schools
    • Analysis of the District’s Performance Index, Annual Yearly Progress goals, etc.

    Interactive Local Report Card

    In addition to information about the school district as a whole, the ODE website provides a wealth of data about each school in the District. The Interactive Local Report Cardsite features access to reports for each school (and school district). The “Power User Reports” and “Download Data” sections allow anyone to request and assemble customized reports providing facts and figures for multiple years.