• HealthCorps

    Vision & Mission

    The HealthCorps vision is to lead a nationwide movement toward a new generation of healthy young people. The mission is to implement an innovative in-school model that inspires teens to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. 



    The HealthCorps curriculum is composed of three sections — Mental Resilience, Nutrition and Fitness. This curriculum is aimed at both educating students and providing a holistic and relevant view of the role health plays in their lives.


    Ginn Academy

    Within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Ginn Academy, has participated in the HealthCorps program for the past two years. The school has an on-site Health Coordinator who runs the after school Cooking Club and teaches the HealthCorps curriculum in classrooms throughout the year.


    Cooking Club

    The school's cooking club meets once a week after school. During one recent meeting, the club cooked shrimp jambalaya. First, the students read through the recipe and learned about the cultural background and nutrition of the dish. Then, they were responsible for prepping the ingredients, cooking, and cleaning. Once the cooking was complete, the students and guests enjoyed a delicious meal. 


    HealthCorps in Your School

    Schools interested in having the HealthCorp program in their school can e-mail school@healthcorps.org. 

    More Information

    For more information on HealthCorps, visit http://healthcorps.org/


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