STUDENTS:    “Give me options in school and in life.”

    PARENTS:    “Care about and help my child succeed.”

    STAFF:    “CMSD is a great place to work; student achievement is at the heart of everything we do.”

    COMMUNITY:    “Great schools create a stronger city and workforce.”


    • Promote and build support for high-quality schools
    • Assist schools and neighborhoods with establishing and maintaining a school community identity
    • Attract and retain students and families in CMSD schools and neighborhoods
    • Foster and promote a welcoming culture in CMSD buildings
    • Build community trust and support in CMSD
    • Increase parent and family engagement in CMSD schools
    • Increase community involvement and partnership with CMSD schools
    • Provide easy access to information and support
    • Inform the school community about key issues and keep the “buzz” going through multi-media
    • Communicate choices while building faith in CMSD school options
    • Build and foster a positive perception of safe, supportive schools


    • Promoting CMSD’s high-quality schools through media, advertising and digital/print communication
    • Extending opportunities for community engagement and feedback on district initiatives and progress to Inform, Inquire, Report and Refine strategies via:
      • website, email, social media, voice-recorded messaging, community meetings, webinars, surveys, stakeholder briefings, outreach meetings, press releases, video messaging and direct mail.
    • Supporting our schools and neighborhoods in their individual efforts to build school-community identity
    • Assisting schools in developing marketing strategies to attract and retaining students and families in CMSD schools, neighborhoods
    • Designing, printing and distributing materials to build and foster a welcoming culture in CMSD buildings
    • Increasing community trust and support in CMSD schools through honesty, transparency and distribution of information through multiple sources
    • Promoting parental involvement through Parent University, school-based parent organizations and school-community activities
    • Increasing community engagement and partnership in our schools through information and marketing campaigns and through wide-spread publicity of progress, opportunities and examples of partnerships that are making a difference in schools and neighborhoods
    • Providing easy access to information and support through web, digital/print communication, traditional and new media , video messaging and community meetings
    • Fostering and maintaining strong media relations to keep media and public informed of key issues affecting CMSD schools Communicating school choices and featuring CMSD’s expanding portfolio of new and innovative schools via web, digital/print communication, media publicity and video messaging Increasing community involvement in school planning and progress through meetings, surveys, and progress reports that align with District initiatives to Inform, Inquire, Report and Refine strategies.
    • Using data to inform families and citizens of school progress to build faith in CMSD schools, staff and programs
    • Providing families with information about our safe school strategies and Humanware initiatives to build and foster positive perceptions of safe, supportive schools
    • Working collaboratively with the Academic and Operations teams on district-wide efforts to improve conditions for learning Working collaboratively with neighborhood and community organizations to increase support for CMSD schools, students and families