• Ruth-
    There are a couple of ways to create links or file downloads on the website. The first is through this Flex Editor App.
    Flex Editor  
    In this image you can see the paperclip circled in red is for making a file download. First have your courser in the Flex Editor App where you want the link. Then click the paperclip and choose Upload File, navigate and select that file, type in the word or title that you want people to click on as the link. For a file download, you will always want it to open in a new window so set the Target to new window. Click save.
    The icons circled in blue are for making links. The chain link icon is the one you will want to use. You must type what you want the link to say first. Highlight that text, click the chain link and choose Web Address. Once you paste in the URL that you want the link to go to - click somewhere in that dialogue box to make it jump to the beginning of of the link (so you can see if you copied the http://). If you did you will need to delete that. if it was a https:// you will delete that also but change the drop down to the https://.



    Also there are Apps that can do that for you. Apps are just programs that help you display content in a specific way. On the left is the Site Shortcuts App. As you can see these are just links to other webpages. On the right is a File Library App-this app allows you to also have a short description, tells the size and kind of the file, the author and when it was last modified. Any of these approaches will work for what you are trying to do. 
    If there is a document that is very important-we also have a Document Viewer App.  In other words we could embed a PDF or Word doc right in the webpage. I would just create a new webpage -choose the Document Viewer Page Type. Once selected it will just allow you  to browse for a document to display. Here is an example of an embedded pdf: https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Page/4777

File Library App