• Process and Procedures for the Student Uniform Referrals

    The School Uniform Referral program has improved the distribution procedures to families in need of this assistance. To better serve our community of schools we have created a referral and distribution procedure that better meets the needs of our families, keeping in mind that our school personnel is better suited to initiate the referral for the families in their schools.

    We kindly ask that school personnel keep in mind that our non-profit partner Shoes and Clothes for Kids have a limited number of uniforms and these are available for those families that have demonstrated true need. We will be able to provide for our students in grades Pre-K through 8, two uniforms for the child in need (and a set of regular clothes, also included will be a shoe gift card. Please be reminded that this is a one-time gift per school year. For High School students uniform sizes in stock, we will provide 2 sets of uniforms.


    • Referrals are made only by CMSD staff, not parents, guardians or community partners; with the exception of Community Wraparound Site Coordinators.
    • School Administrator must assign a staff person to coordinate uniform referrals for their school.
    • STOP Before placing referral please check with your school Uniform Referral Coordinator to avoid duplicate referrals. This slows the process and delivery.
    • Go to CMSD website (ClevelandMetroSchools.org).
    • Click on the Staff tab located at the top portion of the District website.
    • Under Quick Links go to Uniform Assistance Referral tab on the right hand side of the page and click.
    • Complete form. Please refer to the sizing chart when completing this form.
    • Click on “Done” when finished. Reminder: be sure and complete the entire referral form, so that we can assure accurate packing of uniforms.
    • Please be aware that uniform supplies are limited by funding constraints and some referrals may or not be able to be delivered and depends on uniform availability of our non-profit partner. If possible, we will try and locate gently used uniforms for the student. 



    • Once referral has been done by 12 noon on Monday, distribution will be set-up for the following week.
    • The office of Attendance will update distribution roster that is viewed by Uniform Referral Coordinator at the school. 
    • Delivery will be done by Guaranteed Delivery Service who also does our “inter-office mail” delivery unless there is an unusual amount of uniforms requested. If this is the case, we will assign a different form of delivery through our internal delivery system.  The signature they collect will suffice as proof-of-delivery and be made available to SC4K, as needed.
    • In order to deliver the bag of clothing to the student, the Uniform Referral Coordinator must meet with the student’s parent/guardian to discuss the need for school attendance, signing of the Attendance Pledge and filling out of the short survey. Documents will then be emailed or sent through inter-office mail to the Office of Attendance. This documentation is critical for funding purposes of this program.
    • The assigned school staff will be responsible for sending the Attendance Pledge and survey back to the Office of Attendance.

    If you have further questions please contact:

    Shoes and Clothes for Kids: uniforms@sc4k.org

    Or Office of Attendance:

    Victoria Harris

    Victoria.Harris@clevelandmetroschools.org /(216)838-0283

    Your referral will be processed in the order that it has been received. Remember that quantities of uniforms (including sizes) are limited; therefore your referrals must be based on a critical need and distribution will continue as long as supplies last. Please take a few moments to complete the referral form below in order to expedite uniforms for the student in need of this service. It is important that you refer to the size charts below for optimal fit.
    Student Uniform Referral Form please click here.