• Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP)


    Will the Professional Development you completed today count for your license renewal?

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    The answer could be "No!"

    If you have a 5-year professional license, professional development hours only count if you have a current Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP).

    (Please review requirements on the Ohio Department of Education site if you are not sure whether or not an IPDP is required for your license)

    What is an IPDP?

    An IPDP is a written plan outlining your career goals and the steps you need to take to meet those goals. An IPDP helps you focus your professional development by creating a career “action plan” for skill development and career management. For more than twenty years, the Ohio Department of Education has required that 5-year professional license holders have an approved IPDP before CEU’s are eligible to account for your renewal. Once your IPDP has been approved by the Local Professional Development Committee, you can begin earning hours

    Take time now to make sure your hours will count!

    Use the worksheet below:

    Step 1: Find the issue date of your current license. You can do this by logging into your Ohio Department of Education account or using their Educator Search tool.

                  Write your license issue date: ______________________

    Step 2: Find your IPDP approval date. You can search for the approval email you received when it was approved, or you can scroll to the bottom of your IPDP page in the new system to view the IPDP approval date from the old system (see the help guide for detailed instructions on how to view).

                  Write the date that the IPDP for this license was approved: ________________

    checkIf the IPDP approval date comes AFTER the license issue date, your IPDP is current and CEUs earned since the approval date count towards your renewal.

    red x If the IPDP approval date comes BEFORE the license issue date, that means you do not have a current IPDP and none of the PD you have completed is counting towards renewal. You should write your new IPDP today! Note, you must allow 30 days or the LPDC to review your IPDP. Once approved, hours earned after the approval date count for renewal. 

    IPDP APPROVAL AND INFORMATION FOR CTU: Jim Wagner (jwagner@ctu279.org) or Tracy Radich (tradich@ctu279.org)

    IPDP APPROVAL AND INFORMATION FOR ADMINISTRATORS: Jacquinette.brown@clevelandmetroschools.org, Yvette.brown@clevelandmetroschools.org and Tianna.ferguson@clevelandmetroschools.org