• Academies of Cleveland Student Ambassadors


    Purpose and Definition of the Ambassador Program:

    The Ambassadors serve the school by raising awareness of the various career academies among businesses, other outside organizations, parents, and prospective academy students.

    The Academy Ambassador is a student representative for The Academies of Cleveland (Garrett Morgan, Jane Addams, Martin Luther King Jr. Campus, Max Hayes, and Washington Park). Each career academy will have 6-8 ambassadors – sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Sophomores and juniors will serve for two years if they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

    The duties of the Academy Ambassador include:

    • Attend Ambassador Training
    • Conduct Visitor Tours of Academies
    • Attend District Events as Requested
    • Serve as Host for Open House Events
    • Serve in Other Leadership Capacities as Requested

    Eligibility for the Program: To be eligible to serve as an Ambassador, a student must:

    Have a passing grade of C or greater in all classes from the previous grading period

    • Be a rising 10th-12th grader (current 9th-11th graders)
    • Have good communication skills (and a willingness to learn and improve)
    • Have good interpersonal skills (and a willingness to learn and improve)
    • Have a completed and signed application
    • Be committed to attending after hour events as requested 
    If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador at your Academies of Cleveland School and meet the criteria listed above, please contact your Transformation Coordinator for additional information. 
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