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    Tardy Policy



              Beginning Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Tardy Desk will be manned starting at 8:05am This is a change from last week. Please allow us a 5 minute grace. All students entering after that time, unless delayed by Security Checks, will be cited as Tardy. Students will be assigned to room 022 with Commander Forester will they will be working on assignments to strengthen their test taking and writing skills.  Please do not accept any students in your room if they are tardy. 


              With the third Tardy entering our building, offending students will be assigned a detention with Mr. Treese on Tuesday or Thursday. Escalating consequences will follow if tardies continue.





              Detentions will be held from 2:35 – 3:35pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Room 104 with Mr. Treese. Teachers, please emphasize to your students that they must arrive on-time for detention or they will not be admitted.