•   Cleveland Differentiated Compensation System

    The Cleveland Differentiated Compensation System (CDCS) was developed as a result of a mandate from House Bill 525, also known as The Cleveland Plan.  CDCS replaces the traditional "step and lane" salary schedule for all Cleveland educators.  It reflects a collaborative partnership between CTU and CMSD that is "rooted in a desire to improve student achievement and to enhance the teaching and learning environment for faculty, staff and administration".
    This site houses the most up to date information about the system, archives all CDCS communications, and serves as a gateway to resources and information that support teachers professional growth through the system. It is maintained by the Joint Governing Panel with direction from the Joint Oversight Committee:
             The Joint Governing Panel (JGP) composed of 6 teachers on assignment whose full time responsibilities are to serve on the JGP.  The JGP is tasked with...
      • Developing, assigning and recommending AC's to be identified and approved by the JOC.
      • Providing teacher representation and voice in the on-going development of the CDCS.
      • Offering schools and other educator groups continuous professional development concerning CDCS.
    The Joint Governing Panel is committed to maintaining an open line of communication with respect to the Cleveland Differentiated Compensation System. With that in mind, our email address will be accessible for members to submit any questions, concerns or suggestions as we move forward in the CDCS. 
    You can email the members of JGP at: mbx.jgp@clevelandmetroschools.org
    The Joint Governing Panel