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    TDES is the Teacher Development and Evaluation System for the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools.  Based on the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Professional Practice, TDES has transformed an outdated employee evaluation checklist into a comprehensive system based on self-reflection, observation, feedback and a plan for growth.
    The teacher development focus of the TDES system provides opportunities for CMSD teachers to engage within the District in meaningful learning experiences to benefit every child in Cleveland. With focused professional development offered at buildings and at locations throughout the district, CMSD teachers dig deep into the Framework for Professional Practice (the TDES rubrics) to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching. 
    By state law, the evaluation system for teachers is based on 50% teacher performance and 50% student growth measures. TDES is the performance-based assessment tool.  TDES was piloted during the 2011 - 2012 and 2012 - 2013 school years and began district-wide for the 2013 - 2014 school year.

    TDES Steering Committee 2018-2019

    TDES policy and procedures are developed by a joint committee of CTU and CMSD administrators.  

    TBD Co-Chair, CMSD
    Jillian Ahrens, Co-Chair, CTU
    First Grade Teacher, Memorial School
    3rd Vice-President, K-8 Schools, Cleveland Teachers Union
    Co-Director of Grievances, Cleveland Teachers Union
    Mark Baumgartner, Member, CTU
    Director of Professional Issues, Cleveland Teachers Union
    Trustee-at-Large, Cleveland Teachers Union
    Lori Ward, Member, CMSD
    Chief Talent Officer
    Wendi Kral, Member, CTU
    Peer Instructional Coach, Jane Addams Business Careers Center
    Membership Committee Chair, Cleveland Teachers Union
    Shari Obrenski, Member, CTU
    3rd V.P. Senior High/Special, Cleveland Teachers Union
    Co-Lead CDCS Joint Oversight Committee
    Co-Director of Grievances, Cleveland Teachers Union
    Julie Snipes-Rea, Member, CMSD
    Internal Account Administrator, Data and Accountability
    Jessica Baldwin, Member, CMSD
    Executive Director Of Intervention Services

    Great Teachers & Great Leaders

    Great Teachers & Great Leaders is our internet-based portal for managing and accessing TDES.  This site allows both the professional and the evaluator to manage the evaluation forms, communications, and notifications electronically.