• College and Career Readiness

     At Academy of Cleveland schools College and Career Readiness begins in Freshmen Academy. In the Academies 101 course students begin to write their 10 year plan. A student's 10 year plan details their ultimate career goal; students design how college will help them achieve goal. All students at Martin Luther King Jr. Career Campus receive a college visit regardless of GPA. All students also receive guidance and coaching from a dedicated staff of Career Coaches and CollegeNow Advisors. In students sophomore to senior year, students will take part in pathway exploration,  industry pathaway, project based learning, student showcases, job shadowing, internships, college visits, and a senior capstone.  Our approach to College and Career Readiness is more than learning academics facts for testing. In preparing the workforce for tomorrow, our students learning will be taught in the classroom and experienced in the world of work.