• Cranwood Update

  • CMSD takes Ebola precautions at Cranwood School

    Late Wednesday, October 15, CMSD was made aware that a teacher who works at Cranwood School may have come in contact with a person diagnosed with the Ebola virus. Based upon the information provided and following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, we have been assured by City Health Department officials that our students, families and staff are not at risk, but we nonetheless took a number of precautions to allay any concerns about safety at Cranwood School.

    • Cranwood School families and staff were notified about the precautions we are taking.
    • Overnight, the school was thoroughly cleaned with a bleach-based cleaning solution, according to guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control.
    • The teacher suspected of having contact with an affected person is at home and will remain at home until cleared by health officials to return to work.

    The school is home to two new high schools: E³agle Academy and PACT (Problem-based Academy of Critical Thinking). The schools will be open Thursday.

    The steps we chose to take at Cranwood School are strictly precautionary and were done to allay any concerns of our students, staff and families, given the nation’s heightened anxiety about the Ebola virus.