• Imagine Learning

    Through interactive multimedia presentations, videos, and games, Imagine Learning immerses students into a new world of education, showing them how much fun learning can be. It’s a positive experience from start to finish. Catchy sing-a-longs and fast-paced automaticity keep students fully engaged. Colorful characters join students in the lessons, and Booster the robot whisks students off to a new world full of adventure and knowledge on Imagine Island. Imagine Learning’s game-like educational activities completely captivate students, and our achievement recognition certificates keep kids motivated to play and invested in their own learning. They love setting a new record or beating their top score. The best part? With each entertaining activity, students strengthen important literacy skills. So everybody wins.

    Because Imagine Learning is built specifically to address Common Core state standards, students are immediately introduced to a diverse array of critical content that will prepare them for the demands of college and career-level reading. The program features over 500 engaging activities that target the Common Core categories of Informational Text, Foundational Skills, Literature, and Language while engaging with a variety of texts. With this kind of exposure to literature and direct instruction in reading, speaking, and listening skills, students are better equipped to succeed in life outside of the classroom.

    Because every child has different learning needs, a one-size-fits-all approach leaves many needs unfulfilled. Fortunately, Imagine Learning personalizes the experience by providing systematic instruction that adapts to each student’s needs. For example, the program helps students build literacy skills in a logical manner: first they learn letters, then they learn words. The activities break down skills into their component parts and organize them into little segments—such as teaching kids about sound before teaching letters. Along with this systematic instruction, the program also provides instructive feedback that directs students to apply a strategy they have been taught, or to re-read a section of a book to look for an answer. With checkpoints that determine how a student receives instruction or if they even need it, Imagine Learning individualizes the student experience. This level of detail means that teachers can spend their time where it matters most: teaching.

    To develop critical language skills, Imagine Learning focuses on basic vocabulary, academic language, and grammar. Without comprehension, reading is just saying words. Using meaningful and varied instructional strategies, Imagine Learning helps students not only understand individual words, but also increases the comprehensibility of the entire text. Through sound instruction, Imagine Learning nurtures and bolsters a child's ability to effectively communicate with the world around them. In other words—it makes them better students now and better leaders in the years to come. The program also teaches kids hundreds of words that they will encounter in language arts, science, math, and social studies, helping them bridge the gap between the two most important areas of their lives: the playground and the classroom.