• The CMSD Student Code of Conduct may be found on the CMSD Website. The George Washington Carver STEM School will abide by the District Policy in order to respect and protect the safety, rights and responsibilities of our scholars. In addition to this policy, The George Washington Carver STEM School will enforce the following expectations for our scholars.
    It is the expectation of every scholar to come prepared to learn each day. In order to create an instructionally focused environment, the following expectations will be posted around the school and taught to the scholars. 

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Follow directions of all staff the first time given
    2. Remain in assigned seat
    3. All communication is positive and constructive
    4. Respect property and personal space
    5. Resolve conflicts without violence
    6. SLANT to model engaged learning behavior
    7. Food, drink or electronics not permitted. Electronics brought to school must be turned off and remain out of sight.

    Hallway Expectations

    1. Hands at your sides
    2. All eyes facing forward
    3. Line up straight … Silent feet
    4. Level 0 voice for K-4 / Level 1 for 5-8

    Hallway Passes are mandatory for all scholars at all times when not en route with an adult to supervise.


    Bathroom Expectations

    1. Hall Passes are required for all scholars en route to a hallway bathroom
    2. Enter- Voice Level O.
    3. Take care of YOUR business; flush
    4. Respect others privacy
    5. Wash hands with soap
    6. Put trash in trash can
    7. Exit- Voice Level O
    8. Any incident or damage to a bathroom must be reported to the teacher immediately

    Cafeteria Expectations

    1. Enter Voice Level O
    2. Sit at assigned table; wait to called; get all items the first time
    3. Stay seated using Voice Level 1
    4. Raise hand for permission if you need to get up.
    5. Keep body and food to yourself (no sharing of food)
    6. Wait for trashcan to come and clean up your area.
    7. Exit- Voice Level O when dismissed

    Recess Expectations

    1. Stay in designated play areas.
    2. Use playground equipment appropriately.
    3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    4. Watch and listen for teacher
    5. Follow all teacher directions immediately.

    Electronics (Cell Phones, Audio Players, Etc.)

    1. Follow directions of all staff members the first time given
    2. Electronics including phones should be turned off and out of sight.
    3. Use of Computers and other school electronics guided by the CMS Acceptable Use Policy

    Assembly and Morning Meeting Expectations for students

    1. Classrooms report to the space at designated times
    2. All classes transition and enter the space at level zero
    3. SLANT during the assembly / participate as directed
    4. Classes will be dismissed by the assembly leader in an orderly fashion
    5. Classes must be at level zero to re-enter the hallway