• Visitors are Welcome to The George Washington Carver STEM School!

    For our safety and the safety of you and all of our scholars, all visitors must follow the below expectations. To meet with a teacher on an administrator, please call the main office or email the staff member directly so we can schedule an appointment with you in advanced. Visitors will not be able to meet with Teachers or Administrators without an appointment. All parents must ask the teacher for permission 24hrs in advanced to visit the classroom.

    Parents and visitors are welcome to join our Tuesday Talks every Tuesday from 7:40-8:30am for a continental breakfast, community resources and answers to general school questions.


    1.     Sign in at the office.

    2.     Must be wearing Visitor’s Pass.

    3.     Please sit in designated areas.

    4.     Silence cell phones.

    5.     Keep your non-enrolled child seated and quiet.

    6.     Parents will exit assemblies after all scholars.

    7.     Parents may NOT remove scholars from class or line.