The Center for Transformative Teacher Training (CTTT) was founded in 2009 by acclaimed educators Lee Canter and Kristyn Klei Borrero. The company was their response to the  countless requests they received from educators around the country to provide training in their breakthrough new model of professional development.

    CTTT is redefining what constitutes highly effective professional development with its unique training model that delivers feedback at the point of instruction, Real Time Teacher Coaching®, and with its new, research-validated method for classroom management, the No-Nonsense  Nurturer® Program.  


    From the data, it is evident that the No-Nonsense Nurturer Program coupled with the 
    Real Time Teacher Coaching Model is an effective program that provides teachers with 
    skills to create a classroom where teaching and learning can occur. 

    The Data Suggest the Following:

    ·         A multi-phase program that has both group and individual instruction provides teachers 
    with skills that are maintained over time.

    ·         The training procedures are valid and reliable and indicate a high level of treatment fidelity.

    ·         Both teacher and student behavior are positively influenced by the strategies of the 
    No-Nonsense Nurturer Program and the Real Time Teacher Coaching Model.

    ·         Off task student behavior was reduced by up to 55%.
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