• You are your child's first teacher! There are many ways they you can enhance your child's learning and development in school and at home.

    • Set a regular bed time and mourning routine
    • Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before
    • Don't let your child/children stay home unless they are really sick
    • Have a backup plan for getting your child/children to school in case of emergencies
    • Avoid medical appointments and extended trips when school is in session 
    If you are finding it difficult to support your child's education please reach out to their teacher or school administrator immediately! We all want your child to be successful and the best way we can do that is TOGETHER! 
    We have tons of volunteer opportunities for parents and family members both during and after school. Email your Site Coordinator.
    Sometimes our families go through ups and downs and the instability has a huge impact on a child's education. If your family could use additional support with areas such as financial literacy, housing, mental health, adult education, employment, and clothing the Site Coordinator is available to connect you with resources.
    Please visit the CMSD Website for more information and resources for parents and caregivers.