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Ms. Stewart

Hello To All!

I am a Visual Arts teacher and have been with Cleveland Metropolitan School District for 10 years. I have taught at Captain Arthur Roth, Michael R. White, Patrick Henry, Franklin D. Roosevelt and now Euclid Park.  I have two college degrees, a Bachelor's of Arts and a Masters' Arts in Education.   Prior to teaching, I worked in the business world in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Human Resources.  My experiences in business along with my education give me a unique perspective on art and an understanding of the characteristics necessary for success in our competitive world.  Art encompasses everything around us. Everything man-made has been designed mostly with form (asthetics) and function.  I teach my students that art encompasses fine, commercial and industrial arts.  From paintings in museums, video games, fashion, architecture and technology, just to name a few, design is everywhere.  This knowledge broadens student understanding of art and provides future career possibilities beyond the obvious. Art is a discipline that compliments and encompasses science, engineering, and math. Thus, concepts students learn in their regular classrooms are reinforced in and through art.  I am passionate about providing students with my knowledge and empowering them to think, design and create!