• During Black History Month, We will take time during the Spanish class to discuss important contributions of Black Americans, both living and deceased.  History is not my area of expertise, so students are encouraged to share pertinent information in class.  I will try to have a fact or concept related to Black History Month each day, in case no student wishes to share.  Black History Month is for the benefit and education of students and staff members of all racial backgrounds, it is an opportunity to celebrate and learn about the contributions of Black Americans.

    Black inventions   



    Mr. Robert Johnson, Businessman



    Mr. Donald Thompson, retired McDonald's CEO



    Dr. Ben Carson, retired Neurosurgeon and presidential candidate




     Dr. Farrah Gray, Entrepreneur and Businessman 





    Test your knowledge:  February is not only Black History Month, but also....?  http://www.washingtonpark.us/student_tidbits