• Library Media Center News

    ·      Teachers if you need to schedule your class for library time or would like to sign up to use the Chrome books or Mobile Labs (COWS) the scheduling books are located in the library on the back counter. If you have any questions see Mrs. Anzalone-Fox- LMS

    ·      ELA teachers, according to the CMSD testing calendar the STAR testing window for the fall test is September 21 – October 2.

    ·      Homeroom teachers please be sure to distribute all library overdue and lost books notices to your homeroom students. If you have a notice for a student that is not in your homeroom state that on the notice and return it to Mrs. Anzalone-Fox



    Custodial News

    Please do not remove furniture/items from your room. Please do not place unwanted items in the hallway. If you need something removed and/or moved please email Hugh Forrey and/or Dr. Hilliard.


    Quick Reminders

    ·      Lessons Plans should be easily accessible so as to not disrupt instruction.

    ·      Daily classroom attendance MUST be taken in eSchool.

    ·      Social Emotional Learning should be incorporated in our daily practice with students.  The scope and sequence has  information on how you can incorporate it in the classroom.

    ·      In-School Filming: Teachers and Staff please be advised that parent’s permission of the parent is required before videotaping a student.

    ·      No Cell phones should be seen or heard in the classroom unless it is utilized for instructional purposes.

    ·      Conditions for Learning

    We must be diligent in ensuring all students log into the portal and complete the conditions for learning survey. This is vital to the success of our school! Plan to create and implement a strategy to demonstrate the way students feel about their experience at James Ford Rhodes.

    ·      Student Work: Current exemplar student work should be posted in the classroom daily for all to see.

    ·      Daily Objective: Daily objectives should be posted in the classroom daily


    Special Education


    Please pay close attention to IEP due dates, be sure to assemble the team, ensure all team members are in agreement, obtain required signatures, lock the IEP, and place the original in the conference room in the main office as soon as possible.


    Please make sure you have access and have reviewed all IEP’s for inclusion students.  All regular education teachers should consult with students case managers so that one is aware of the services that need to be provided.  If you have additional questions please contact Ms. Gales.


    School Mail & Email

    All staff are expected to check school mailbox and email each day.


    Please check your email and school mailbox THREE TIMES A DAY using the following procedures: 

    1.     First thing in the morning

    2.     At least once during the day

    3.     Before leaving the building each afternoon




    200 minute Teacher Based Teams

    Monday              Tutoring/IEP/Phone calls

    Tuesday             TBT

    Wednesday       1st Wednesday-Department Meetings, 2nd Wednesday-Grade Level Meeting   

                                  with the level AP,   3rd Wednesday-Faculty Meeting, 4th PD

    Thursday          Teacher Day

    Data Binders

    Data Binders should be developed by each teacher, updated accordingly and brought to each Teacher Based Team meeting. The data binders should contain each teacher’s student data.




     TDES Portal

    The TDES portal works in Chrome. Some features do not work in Internet Explorer 9, which is on most of the CMSD computers. Firefox and Safari also appear to work fine. Please use Chrome to enter your evaluation data.

    Formal Announced Observation

    The deadline for the FAO is November 20. Scheduling should be done now so that teachers and administrators can prepare for the FAO. The ten day window runs from the pre-conference meeting to the post conference meeting, not the date of scheduling. The teacher’s lesson plan should be submitted about two days prior to the pre-conference. The teacher can request a date and time for the observation and the evaluator should honor that request if possible. The date of the observation is ultimately the evaluator’s decision but that is no reason to summarily reject the teacher’s request.

     Walkthrough 1

    Walkthrough 1 was due October 2. Support materials, including step by step instructions, here: https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Page/7878

    If teachers did not receive WT1 by the deadline they should first email their evaluator. If the evaluator does not complete the WT1 in a timely manner then teachers should email the TDES mailbox TDES@clevelandmetroschools.org.



    Evidence Collection 1

    Evidence Collection 1 is due October 2. The professional submits evidence related to Domain 1 and the evaluator reviews the evidence and adds to it or request clarification. A conference is not required.

    Psychologists should submit their information by September 30 and it will be reviewed by their supervisor by October 7.


    Upcoming field Trips


    Field trip to CPL, Friday, October 16, selected students w/Mrs. P and Ms. Chapman

    Field trip to East, Wednesday, October 21, N.O.W. Summit 10 selected students w/Ms. Chapman

    Tuesday, October 27 Mix-it-up


    Safety and Security

    ·      Every staff member is asked to assist in providing a safe and secure environment for our students. Please report any problems or unusual conditions immediately to security or an administrator.

    ·      Please check exterior doors near your classroom during the change of classes and at the start and end of each school day. Please ensure your windows are closed and locked at the end of each day.

    ·      Please stand at your classroom doors during class changes. Visible teacher presence has a positive and direct affect upon student conduct.

    ·      Students must enter through the Main Entrance and are not permitted to have other students’ open doors for them.


    Tardy Policy

                Admit all students to your class. Do not send them away for a pass. If they are tardy they should be assigned a classroom consequence. The first step in educating our students is to keep  students in the classroom. The first step in maintaining order and safety in our hallways is to keep students in the classroom.


    Hall Passes are for emergencies only (please)


    Every classroom should have the following items prominently displayed:


    Classroom Rules, Bell Schedule, Scope and Sequence (working document),

    Grading Policy/syllabus, Lesson Plans, Fire Exit, Security Plan and Tornado Drill



    Staff Attendance

    Attendance, for both scholars and teachers, greatly impacts student achievement. In the event that a staff member will be absent or late, the following procedures must be followed for each position specified below: 



    Teacher Absent/Tardy Procedures

    1.  Immediately contact the sub center at 216-920-0905  by 7AM.    

        If you have difficulties with the system, you may contact Diane directly at  216-920-0905       or the help desk at 216-838-0077.

    2.  Call the school and leave a message on the school’s voicemail or with the secretary.

    3.  Notify your assigned paraprofessional (if applicable) OR notify another teacher on your team.


    Paraprofessional Absent/Tardiness Procedures

    1.   Immediately contact the sub center at 216-920-0905 by 6 AM.

    2.   Call the school and leave a message on the voicemail or with the secretary by 7:00 a.m.

    3.   Notify your assigned teacher (if applicable).


    *ALL ABSENCES MUST BE REPORTED IN THE SUB CENTER. YOU MUST RECEIVE A JOB # as verification that your absence has been received. Please record the job number as it may be needed for future references. Please note that THE SCHOOL OFFICE MUST ALSO BE NOTIFIED DIRECTLY OF ALL ABSENCES.


    Immediately upon your return to work from an absence, an absence verification form must be completed and submitted to Mrs. Manson. All staff who report late to work must sign in and note the arrival time upon his/her arrival.


    Staff Early Departure

    Any staff who finds it necessary to leave the building early due to an emergency,  must secure permission from your evaluating administrator and/or campus principal, (not Mrs. Manson) arrange his/her own class coverage, inform the office as to who will cover classes, and sign out in the office using the assigned blue binder in Mrs. Manson office.


    Staff Visitors/Volunteers

    All visitors/volunteers must report to the main office and sign-in prior to visiting any staff. The principal must also be notified IN ADVANCE of any staff visitors/volunteers who will be in the building for an extended period of time, including children, spouses, parents, etc. Additionally, at no time should staff visitations interfere with staff duties/responsibilities.