• Documents supporting the Board of Education's rejection of the Fact-Finder's report 


    On Tuesday, May 10, the Cleveland Board of Education acted on CEO Eric Gordon’s recommendation to reject the report released Friday by the Fact-Finder assigned to help CMSD and CTU resolve remaining issues in the collective bargaining process.

    Reasons for his recommendation to reject the Fact-Finder's report are listed in the news release below, and details of the problematic areas of the report appear as annotations in the margins of the report, available for your review in the link below.

    The use of a Fact-Finder has been productive in many ways, however the rejection of this Fact-Finder's report by the Board indicates we have not yet reached a full agreement for a new contract with our Teachers Union. While the bargaining process has already produced tentative agreements in a number of key areas, there is still work to be done.

    In rejecting the Fact-Finder's report, we will return to the bargaining table to resolve the remaining issues in a way that is fair to our employees and in the best interest of the children we serve.