• Language learning at the Campus International School

    Mandarin 2017-18  
    Starting in Kindergarten, Campus International Students learn Mandarin as a second language. The language experience is immersive as students take Mandarin for thirty minutes every day. To encourage connections between Mandarin language instruction and core academic subjects, CIS classroom teachers attend Mandarin instruction with their students.

    Fang Zhou, Jingli Wan, and Lei Lin are the Mandarin instructors. They come to the Campus International School from China. In addition to their teaching responsibilities the Mandarin instructors conduct educational activities to enhance students' appreciation of Chinese culture.

    Mandarin instruction at CIS would not be possible without the sponsorship of the CSU Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University and the Hanban Institute in Bejing. We are fortunate to have these partners. 

Other Language Options for Students

  • Campus International also offers:
    – Mandarin
    – Spanish
    – Sign Language