• Principal's Message

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    The young men of Valley View Boys Leadership Academy are powerful beyond measure. Our young men embody what it truly means to be intelligent, resilient, and powerful.
    Welcome to Valley View Boys Leadership Academy. I am Mr. Terrance Mitchell, proud principal of our school. I am extremely honored to support our students' trajectory toward excellence. As a native of Cleveland and former CMSD student, I understand the immense pressures that our young men face each and every day. As we teach them to continuously take the road less traveled we must also equip them with the tools necessary to overcome adversity. While understanding that the paths they forge will not always be favorable, our young men will overcome any obstacle they are face with. Our young men are immensely resilient. It is our mission to cultivate leaders to be agents of change in Cleveland.
    As a graduate of Morehouse College, I value the importance of single gender education and  recognize the strengths of its environment. Having a safe space where young men thrive socially, culturally, and most importantly, personally outlines my vision for the school. 
    "For it is easier to build strong children, than it is to repair broken men"
    -Frederick Douglas
    Terrance Scott Mitchell, Head of School