• The Freshmen Academy experience is designed to achieve two goals. The first goal is to help students transition from middle school to the rigor of high school. The second goal is to ensure that all freshmen matriculate to the sophomore year. Freshmen students will study a rigorous 9th grade curriculum that features Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. Students will also begin an Academies 101 course in which students will produce an individual 10 year life plan in which education supports student's life goals. Student's will also take a Therapeutic Pathways course, an exploratory course of health and medicine. 9th grade learning isn't limited to classroom. Students participate in a variety of exposures and field trips to provide a real life pathway experience for students. At the completion of 9th grade, all students will have selected a Career Pathway for their sophomore year.    
    In their 9th Grade year, all students will partake in a variety of  experiences:
     Freshmen Commitment to Graduation Ceremony
    College Visit
    Pathway Exploration