Our school is taking initiative to be more transparent with what happens in the classroom through the use of Edmodo.  What is your student’s grade?  What assignments do they have due soon?  What are they currently studying?

    Now you can answer all your questions in one easy-to-use social platform called Edmodo.
    Sign-up for a free parent or student account today and start exploring.  YOU CAN EVEN DO IT FROM YOUR PHONE with the Edmodo App.  All you will need is a code, provided by the teacher, to link to specific courses.  Watch the video tutorials below and contact teachers for more help and information.

    Introduction To Edmodo
    Your Edmodo Account  
    Making Groups and Small Groups 
    Communication on Edmodo 

    Teacher resources "Spotlight"

    Creating Assignments 

    Creating Quizzes and Polls

    The Gradebook Basics


    Intoducion to Edmodo 

    Short Tutorial for Students

    Using the "Backpack"


    Intoducion to Edmodo 
    The Parent Experience
    A Tutorial for Parents