• Welcome to Iowa-Maple's New School and Community Garden

    This past winter, Iowa-Maple decided to partner with Whole Vision LLC to create a garden on the school premises. Together we believe that growing food can enhance scholastic performance, student confidence, team building, and so much more! Click the link at the bottom of the page to see how it links to our curriculum.
    Gardening provides a wide-range of benefits for children. It exposes them to fresh foods, light to moderate physical activity, and the opportunity for social interactions. Engaging children in the gardening process can promote learning, support the development of new skills, strengthen social skills, and build healthy eating habits. As children plant and tend to a garden, they will feel a sense of pride as the garden produces fruits and vegetables planted by their own hands.
    Since forming this partnership with Whole Vision LLC, we've held several stakeholder meetings, established a garden committee that paired the experts from Whole Vision LLC with school staff members, our scholars, their parents, and other interested and invested community members. 
    Throughout the rest of the school year, the garden committee has been planning the garden, and on Monday, March 22, the Green Team broke ground outside and began implementing their plan!