• November Updates

    November 11, 2020

    WEEKLY UPDATE: Parent-Teacher Conferences to be Held Wednesday, November 18


    Parent-Teacher Conferences are being held on Wednesday, November 18 from 1:00-5:30 PM.

    The purpose of parent-teacher conferences are to communicate the areas their child are excelling in and to give you specific feedback on how to support improvement in your child’s academic performance. Additionally, House Bill 525, the state law that authorized The Cleveland Plan, requires all CMSD parents/caregivers to meet with their child's teacher at least once a year.

    During your parent-teacher conference your child’s teacher-advisor will review with you your child’s quarter 1 report card along with information regarding their progress to meeting the state of Ohio’s graduation requirements. Conferences will only be scheduled with your child's teacher-advisor to ensure we have enough time slots to schedule all our families. You can schedule a conference at tinyurl.com/LWSHConferences.

    Once your conference is scheduled, your child's teacher-advisor will send you via email, a Zoom meeting link that you will access on the day of parent-teacher conferences.

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