Degrees and Certifications:

Jessica Gamble

Mrs. Gamble graduated from Howard University, which is located in Washington DC. Mrs. Gamble is a huge supporter of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Mrs. Gamble is married with two children, Kevin and Kai. Kevin is in the 2nd grade and Kai is in Pre-K here at Riverside. Mrs. Gamble’s favorite place to visit is Jamaica. She loves it so much that she has been there five times! Mrs. Gamble loves to get her nails done. She always uses unique colors and she NEVER matches her fingers and toes. When Mrs. Gamble was growing up her parents owned a balloon event decorating company so now she can make any space into a party place! When Mrs. Gamble lived in D.C. she worked for the Washington Wizards and the Mystics. She was the captain of the fan patrol for five seasons. She loved to get the crowd engaged in all sorts of outrageous ways!