• Welcome

    The Andrew J. Rickoff School administration, faculty, and staff would like to welcome you and your family to our school and to another productive and successful school year. Studies show that parent support is essential in the development of students and makes a tremendous difference on how successful students will be in school and in life. This handbook will highlight important information for parents and students, various dates and schools events, and contains contact information for Andrew J. Rickoff. If at any point in the year you have a question, please call the school at 216-838-4150 or come to the school and talk to a school administrator. We are here to help serve you and your student(s).


    In CMSD, all regular education students may be registered at any CMSD school of their choice. The building secretary will help assist any parent with new enrollment and relocation of a student. Enrolling students can be a long process but there are some things that can help expedite the process. If you have the items listed below, it will go a long way in speeding the enrollment and transfer process.

    • Rent/mortgage deed
    • Utility bill (water, electric, gas)
    • Immunization record

    If you have a student that is in special education, you must report to 1111 E. Superior Ave., Office of Special Education, in order to enroll your student.

    Hours of Operation

    • School Hours: 7:20am-2:10pm
    • Office Hours: 7:30am-3:00pm

    Important Numbers

    • School: 216-838-4150
    • Transportation: 216-838-4287
    • Student Registration: 216-838-5437
    • Special Education: 216-838-7733


    • Attendance every day is important for ALL students between the ages of 5-18.
    • Parents/Guardians need to encourage their student(s) to attend school each and every day. In case of an absence, provide the school with a written explanation as to why, meet with your student’s teacher to receive and submit all missed work.
    • An excused absence is defined as: personal illness, illness in the family, quarantine of the home, death of a relative, observance of a religious holiday, medical/dental appointments, college visit, and emergency circumstances. Any other absences are considered UNEXCUSED.
    • Teachers are not required to provide work for students who have an UNEXCUSED absence; Suspended students are considered
    • Students with severe health impairments may qualify for home instruction (contact Special Education Department)
    • Making up class work, homework, quizzes/tests when a student is absent is essential. Contact your student’s teacher.


    • Doors open at 7:20am and students report directly to the cafeteria. Pre-K students report to their classrooms.
    • K-4th grade students will remain in the cafeteria until their teacher comes to pick them up; 5th-8th grade students must remain in the gym until their teacher picks them up.
    • Students that arrive after 8:00am are considered tardy and must receive a tardy pass.
    • *Excessive tardies will warrant a phone call home and possibly written communication/visit from a district attendance liaison*
    • Once a student arrives on school property, that student must remain on school grounds; otherwise, that student will be considered TRUANT from school and could face serious consequences from the 4th District Police Department


    • Between 1:45pm-2:10pm, no student will be permitted to be picked up early. If there is an emergency, please call the school beforehand.
    • Pre-K students that are getting picked up, will be able to pick up their student in the classroom.
    • Yellow bus riders will be dismissed at 2:00pm.
    • Parent pick up students will be at Door 6 (parking lot on E. 147th Street).
    • Day care students will be at dismissed from Door 13 (E. 146th Street).
    • *Parents, we ask that you make every effort to schedule doctors’ appointments after school hours*
    • This year, we will have volunteers that are part of the “Safe Street, Safe School” initiative that will help ensure your student gets to and from school safely, every day.


    Early pick up of Students

    • Provide a written note to teacher or call the Main Office
    • Report to Main office and inform the secretarial staff of the reason for visit
    • Sign your student out on the “Early Dismissal” Log
    • Wait for your student to be called down to the office

    Parent Visitation

    In order to avoid any interruption of the instructional day, please leave any forgotten items with the name of the student and his/her homeroom number and the items will be delivered to your student at an appropriate time. We encourage all parents to visit with their student’s teachers as possible; however, in order for the conference to be effective, the teacher should be given 24 hours’ notice to prepare and serve your needs for you and your student.

    Emergency School Closing

    CMSD has a phone system that will call each family’s home in the event of inclement weather or emergency situations due to technical problems at the school. Along with a call, on all major news stations there will be information regarding any school closures as well as on the district website. We encourage parents to always update any contact information in case of an emergency.

    Academic Culture

    One of the most important things that we all must remember as partners in your student’s education is that the building environment should be conducive for learning. In other words, there should be minimal disruptions during the school day that distracts students from focusing on their lessons. Parents, if your student has informed you any reason that disrupts their learning environment or is not able to concentrate in school, please contact a building administrator right away so that we can address the situation immediately.

    Cellphone/Electronic Device Policy

    Cellphones/Electronic Devices (I-pods, I-Pads etc…) are allowed on school property as long as they are in the “off”, “vibrate” or “airplane mode” position. These devices should not be used, seen or heard throughout the school day with the exception of the rules listed in the Student Code of Conduct book. Violations of this policy are listed below.

    • 1st Offense=Verbal Reprimand
    • 2nd Offense= Teacher/Administration confiscation and return at the end of class
    • 3rd Offense= Teacher/Administration confiscation and return at the end of the school day
    • 4th Offense= Written notification to students parent by Administration
    • 5th Offense=Administration confiscation until parent retrieves item
    • *Repeated violators will be subject to further disciplinary action including but not limited to suspension and/or expulsion according to the CMSD Student Code of Conduct (Level II-R)

    Emergency Card Information

    Every quarter, parents are going to be required to submit CURRENT information for emergency purposes. In case of an emergency, we need to be able to contact a parent or guardian. If there is a custody issue, the office MUST be provided with the legal documentation in order to prohibit certain people from picking up a student. If there is any concern, building administrators will make every effort to ensure that the person wanting to pick-up a student has the authorization of the parent.

    Uniform Dress Code Policy

    CMSD believes that wearing school uniforms is one way to create and maintain a positive learning environment, while keeping the ideas of safety, discipline and school unity in mind. Therefore, we will enforce the district decision to enforce dress code. Attire that disrupts the learning environment, creates a potential safety hazard, or is not in compliance with the adopted district-wide policy is prohibited. Dress attire is listed below:


    • No hoods
    • All shirts are to be tucked in
    • Light, dark or navy blue, tan or white tops with collars or turtlenecks
    • Gray, striped tops are not allowed


    • No jeans or jogging suits allowed
    • Females-Skirts, jumpers, knee length shorts and capris in dark/navy blue, black, or khaki/tan
    • Males-Pants or knee-length short in dark/navy blue, black or khaki/tan
    • Belts must be worn at all times (black, navy, light, or dark brown; No Logos)


    • Cardigan, pullovers or vest in black, navy, or white SOLID color


    • Must be closed toe, no flip flops, heels or sandal are permitted unless there is permission given from the principal


    Cyber Bullying Policy

    Cyber bullying of students or school personnel at any time and at any location by students is prohibited. Cyber bullying is defined as the use of information and communication technologies such as email, cell phone, text messages, instant messaging defamatory websites and defamatory online personal polling web sites, to support, deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others. Examples are as follows:

    • Posting rumors/racial slurs, making threats and discussing threats about a student or school personnel on the web
    • Sending an email or instant message that is intimidating or threatening or so numerous as to create an excessive cell phone bill
    • Using a camera to take and send embarrassing photos
    • Posting misleading or fake photos on websites

    If cyber bullying, as determined by an administrator, has occurred, all District Safety and Security are alerted and the disciplinary action that may occur follows a Level III in the CMSD Student Code of Conduct book.


    CMSD authorizes the use of video cameras on school property and transportation vehicles to ensure health, wealth, and safety of all staff, students and visitors to the CMSD schools or property. Video recordings may become a part of a student’s educational record. The District shall comply with all state and federal laws related to record maintenance and retention of such equipment in the use of any legal investigation.

    Moving out of District

    If your family is moving, please notify the school one week prior to the student’s departure. This will ensure that all materials have returned to faculty members and the appropriate records have been prepared to forward to the next school of record.

    Parent Involvement

    We are encouraging parents to be part of our SPO (Student Parent Organization). Meetings will be held every second Thursday of each month from 2:30pm-3:30pm. SPO meetings help plan school events as well as receive information that is beneficial to parents and their families. There are many services that parents have access too by attending meetings.