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    Community Wrap Around is a strategy for organizing the resources of the school and community around student success… 


    Led by College Now Greater Cleveland, the John Adams High School strategy focuses on successful completion of high school and a documented plan for post-secondary education and career choices.  Our integrated focus on academics, services, supports and opportunities lead to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities.


    The underlying principles of our strategy:



    Responding as fully as possible to the documented needs of  students and families


    Structured and meaningful involvement of all stakeholders


    Supports/services are aligned (integrated) with the core instructional program


    Partners view community wrap-around as a long-term strategy, not a project, and do everything they can to make the partnership work



    Students and Families are welcome to stop into the Community Resource Room on the 1st Floor for questions, answers and services that support:


    ·        After-School and Summer Enrichment - tutoring, homework assistance

    ·        Parent Involvement - supporting parents through the academic process, helping them effectively advocate for their children

    ·        Adult Education - GED preparation, career advising, planning and job placement

    ·        Medical, Dental, Mental Health and Social Services - assistance with selecting and scheduling appointments, eye glasses, tax preparation, utilities and housing assistance

    ·        Early Childhood

    ·        Community and Economic Development