Shadowing Day Program

  • We are currently not hosting shadowing due to COVID and learning virtually. We will resume when it is safe to host students.

  • Come be a CSSM Scholar for a day!

    The best way for prospective students to learn about the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine is in person through our shadow day program. Each prospective student will tour the campus, attend classes with a Student Ambassador, eat lunch with new friends, and get the change to meet teachers and ask questions. They will also meet with the Admissions Director or Academic Counselor who will speak to them about high school, get to know them, and answer any questions they may have.

     Shadow Days are free and available for all students whether they have applied to the school or not. They run from the end of September throughout January around our current students testing and class schedule. A Shadow Day is NOT a required step in the application process. If we are unable to host you for the day please know that does not affect your application.


Shadowing Program Agenda

  • 7:55 am

    Arrive at John Hay and Check-In at the Front Office in room 315

    8:00 am - 11:55 am 

    Your student will be greeted by our staff who will get them started on the day! Students will be taken on a tour of our building, have a question and answer session, experience a hands-on activity with one of our science staff, and observe two courses with a current student.

    Lunch (time varies)

    Your student will be our guest for lunch! Your student and their student ambassador will enjoy lunch together with friends.

    12:15 pm

    Your student's shadow will accompany them to the office at the end of their shadow day.